We want to thank all our riders who support us daily and to test our products.


Elena Giardi

Discipline: Dressage, Alta Escuela

Horse: Achille

Passionate about the P.R.E. (Pure Breed Espanola), she began to fall in love with the Spanish high school thanks to her stallion Bailando, which unfortunately passed away in November 2019, after struggling so much to get back in shape. 

She has worked in various hippicultural centers also as an instructor. Participating in 2017 in the Iberian shows at the Fiera Cavalli Verona.

Her current project is to bring the Spanish high school to Tuscany, to the equestrian center where he is currently, along with his new horse, Achille.

Flaminia Bologna

Discipline: Jumping

Horse: Docento, Nobile, Hope

Great passion for horses, a passion that involves the whole family. riding a horse as a child enters racing in 2017, when his Docento horse finally arrives.

Very active on the matter of recovering and rehabilitating horses from situations of abuse. In fact, for a year Nobile and Hope have also entered the family, kidnapped by the forestry because they were abused, now they are fit, peaceful and have regained confidence in humans.

July 2020 she graduated as a playful operator.

She has the dream of helping other horses in difficulty and of reaching the highest categories.

Ludovica Lupidi

Discipline: Jumping

Horse: Domino

Since she was a child she has always had a passion for horses and at 9 she started taking her first lessons with ponies.

In 2018, with a horse in fida, she started doing the first jumping competitions and in 2019 she bought her first horse, Domino.

Together with Domino she is learning a lot, she is going out in the race more frequently to gain more experience and with time create a really good combination.

Pernilla Sofia Iperti

Discipline: Jumping

Horse: Histerika

Pernilla is 19 years old and has an immense passion for horses and horse riding.
She started riding as a child and turned to show jumping, after the first half fide and fide pony rides she met an exceptional horse, Domino, who between ups and downs gave her all his heart on various occasions, even reaching third place in the Italian championships 2018, an immense satisfaction.

In 2019, Histerika arrived, a young mare with whom Pernilla is growing a lot and who has completely entered her heart.

Pernilla currently has the first degree and the diploma as a recreational operator, and has a great desire to grow and live from this sport, who knows what the future will hold for her.

Vittoria Baccaro

Discipline: Jumping, Dressage

Horse: Oro di Valmarina e Thaler des Monts

Arrived 6th in the category 100 of the Sport project at Fiera Cavalli Verona.

Second at the regional Dressage and first at the freestyle championship.

Selected by the regional committee as the first member to represent Campania at the Regions Cup.


Nea V. J. Frantzen

Discipline: Jumping

Horse: Polaris, Aladin adìns Sea Lion and Baldur.

Nea is 6 years old and got her first Pony when she was 2,5 years old.

She has 3 own ponies and 3 Shettys.

Her big dream is to be a famous show jumper one day!