D.due has recorded significant growth in recent years, thanks to the employee organization who work within the company in a dynamic and modern environment with a fresh approach and a serene working climate.

Our growth is undoubtedly also due to the undisputed quality of the products. We are proud to say that ours is a production
totally Made in Italy.

Materials research

The selection of materials is the first step in the process of creating a boot. We carry out studies on materials and research on current trends to propose boots that best express: Italian craftsmanship and class.


We begin the real processing of the boot with the cutting of the leather, which we mainly perform by hand. Here the skill of the cutter is essential, precision and identification of the best places to cut are the key.


Here the real divas are the hands of our hemmers. The boot begins to take shape. We assemble all the previously cut pieces of leather, the lining and the reinforcements. This is how we create the upper, ready for the next step.


We assemble the different parts of the boot: upper, insole, bottom, sole. In this phase we also perform an important step for the seal of the shoe, in fact after gluing the sole to the upper, we perform a seam between the two for maximum hold.


We clean the shoe from the marks left by the previous processes and then we move on to the enhancement of the leather, through the application of special creams and we check all the details in a meticulous way.


Let’s check the boot one last time. We add the tags and place it carefully in the box, and then we will ship it to the customer.

Our boots require a careful processing of 1 month to have all the quality and design requirements that we require.