D.due is a name that tells of the handing down of family traditions. “D” stands for Daniele “.due” because it is the second generation that takes on a family dream: to create its own brand, with the desire that it be handed down from father to son, from Daniele to little Davide.

Our story begins in the green hills of the Marche region, in the footwear district where the best shoes is produced, the Fermano. This is where the most renowned companies in the footwear sector are born. This is where the biggest brands in the fashion sector come to produce their shoes. And it is here that Daniele begins his journey.

Daniele starts working in the family business that has always been linked to the world of horse riding and working for important brands in the equestrian sector, he learns all the secrets and rules to produce an excellent riding boot. He then decides to test himself and after many tests he creates his first riding boot, branded “D.due”.

Not many years have passed since that day, but today, together with his collaborators, Daniele is making D.due the protagonist of strong growth, in Italy and abroad.
Comfortable fit, research of materials, handmade manufacturing, made in Italy are the constant point of reference for every D.due creation.